We help any type of company wishing to integrate web3 into their daily operations. Training, implementation, strategy: you can count on us 🔥

Practical web3 integration

The integration of decentralized technology is not as obvious as it sounds, mainly because it’s not just about technology, it’s a whole new paradigm that requires a change of mindset at different levels. We’ve been there, we’ve done that transition, and we can help you find the most practical shortcut to ensure things go smoothly for your business.

We usually interact on different levels: strategy (we tell you where and why web3 is a fit), education (we teach your team about everything web3), and development (we put our hands in the code, in collaboration with your team).

CxO as a service

Inside 0x3 Studio, we have very different profiles: we’ve been startup CEOs, CTOs, CPOs, Creative Directors, you name it... So we know the pain, and as your interim CxO, we will definitely help you moving forward.

No bullshit

We know the web3 field is full of scams and buzzwords. We make sure we never fall into this trap, and keep it as effective as possible. Decentralized technologies and blockchains are not meant to replace everything, we understand that.

We help you determine the ideal mix between web2 and web3 technologies for your current stack.