We ❤️ building products. We've been doing that for years with web2 technologies, but now it's a whole new adventure.


JellyBots is yet another NFT collection. However, unlike most NFTs collections that serve no purpose except to enrich their creators, ours has a real utility: it gives access to all 0x3 Studio products, some kind of lifetime access license to everything that we're building and that sits in your wallet.


Today there are more than 2 million .eth usernames, yet less than 1% of users utilize their full power. Tap’s goal is to give super utility to your .eth. This project was built in collaboration with @fredd.


Hotmint is a live dashboard of all the NFT collections currently minting with an associated score (out of 100), so you won't be late on a mint ever again, and you'll definitely know what you want to mint and what you want to avoid.


Solid is a headless and decentralized content publishing platform on top of Arweave. You can see it as a mix between Twitter and WordPress but with real ownership of your content and without the fear of forever losing it for some reason.