We are a team of nice people, with very weird passions: mushrooms, pinot noir and old-school 3D softwares. Oh, and yeah, we’re also passionate about the web.

Henri Rion CEO

Henri is a salesperson, a business developer, and a hands-on problem solver. After a career in the financial industry (in investment funds and corporate finance), Henri focused on his passion, the web industry, and made it his main activity. After founding Koopol, an online price monitoring tool dedicated to brands and retailers, he decided to invest himself completely in web3, the next generation of the internet.

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Vincent Battaglia CTO

Vincent is a tech guy who co-founded and/or worked for a few early-stage startups in Europe and in Silicon Valley, including 1MD, WooRank, Storify and Instaply. Recently, he was the co-founder and CTO of Ludus, a collaborative presentation tool for creative teams. Vincent is also an avid blogger, and has been writing about his job and passions on his personal blog for more than 15 years.

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Lionel Cordier CPO

Lionel is a product builder. He’s a designer who can code, and that’s where he shines best. After a long time as founder of his own creative agency, he started creating successful digital products, including Ludus, a collaborative presentation tool for creative teams. If this website doesn’t look too bad (and everything else we’re building), it’s thanks to him.

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